Earn up to 15% Weekly Cashback Bonus on DestinyX

We are excited to announce that Bloxies Coin ($BXC) has been chosen as the primary utility token for the DestinyX platform. This is a significant milestone in our journey to provide an enhanced, seamless, and rewarding gaming experience for our users. Learn more about this integration here.

Now, you can get up to 15% weekly cashback bonus on your net losses when you play casino games and sports betting on the DestinyX platform using $BXC tokens. The cashback is paid in $BXC tokens and is credited to your account every Friday.

To qualify for the cashback bonus, you must simply be a registered DestinyX user, and play casino games or sports betting using $BXC tokens. The cashback % is based on your account rank. Learn about DestinyX ranks here

The cashback bonus is calculated based on your total wagering in the previous week, minus your total winnings. So let's say you've reached the Infinity level, if you wagered 1000 $BXC in the previous week and won 500 $BXC, your net losses would be 500 $BXC. You would then receive a cashback bonus of 75 $BXC (15% of 500 $BXC)

The cashback bonus is a great way to offset your losses when playing casino games or sports betting on DestinyX using $BXC tokens. If you're a regular DestinyX player, be sure to take advantage of this promotion.

How to Buy $BXC Tokens

BXC tokens can be purchased on the MEXC exchange or your DestinyX wallet.

  1. To buy $BXC tokens on MEXC, you will need to deposit $USDT. Once you have deposited funds, you can spot trade the BXC/USDT pair here. Once purchased, you can then transfer them to your DestinyX wallet.
  2. To buy $BXC tokens on DestinyX, ensure you have enough USDT available. The minimum to convert is $5. Go to your wallet and click "Convert." Pick USDT to BXC and enter the USDT amount you'd like to purchase, then click "Convert Now" to confirm.

With your newly converted BXC tokens, you're all set to engage in DestinyX's games and sports betting, while also enjoying up to 15% weekly cashback bonus.

On DestinyX, every player has the upper hand! We believe in giving back to our community consistently, making every Friday your personal payday! 💯💎🥳

Terms and Conditions:

  • The cashback offer is open to all active players at DestinyX
  • Players must play using $BXC tokens
  • Players will receive up to 15% cashback on net losses every week
  • Cashback is calculated from Friday to Thursday and paid every Friday
  • Cashback is paid in $BXC tokens
  • DestinyX reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate this offer at any time without prior notice
  • Decisions regarding any disputes related to this offer will be final
  • Misuse of the offer may result in cancellation of the cashback and potential winnings
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