DestinyX Pool: How do I boost and increase my chances of winning?

DestinyX Pool gives you a chance to win prizes every week while generating rewards on you crypto.

The winners are generated at random by our algorithm using the participants' odds.

Your chances of winning are better if your odds are higher. Additionally, depending on how many participants there are and the total number of prizes in that particular prize pool, your chances of winning change dynamically. The likelihood of winning typically depends on:

Account Value in USD
The more crypto you deposit through DestinyX, the higher your chances of winning. The total balance of each user who joins is capped at US$5,000.

Entry time
The earlier you join, the better your odds! If you joined the draw early with $1,000 in Account Value and topped up $4,000 right before the draw ends, your odds won’t be as high as it would be if you did so earlier.

Successful referrals
Referred a friend recently? Your chances are also improved if your friends signed up for DestinyX through your unique invite link! The more referrals, the better!

Your balance of $BXC and $FBX tokens
Convert your USDT for $BXC and $FBX tokens directly from your DestinyX wallet, or deposit from external wallets. The more tokens you accumulate, the higher your chances of winning.

Your entry time will depend on when you joined the DestinyX Pool:

Early bird 🍳: As soon as the draw opens or a day later
Just in time 😅: 2-3 days after the draw opens
Last-minute 🏃: 4 days after the draw opens, until the last minute before it closes
Missed out 😔: Too late to join. Come back for the next one.

Overall, your odds are increased if you perform these actions and join draws as early as possible.

Feeling lucky?

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