DestinyX Standard Affiliate Program

We are excited to announce DestinyX's Standard Affiliate program, an innovative system designed to reward our loyal players like never before.

A Unique Affiliate System

Our Affiliate Program is a unique, incentive-based initiative that begins immediately after your friends—known as Invitees—sign up using your unique referral link and start playing DestinyX. It's a chance for you to earn daily commissions of up to 0.5% based on your Invitees' total wagered amounts for an entire year after their registration.

The commission percentages are influenced by your Invitees' daily wager volume in accordance with our Reward Structure, which is further adjusted by our DestinyX Ranks a ranking system that applies a multiplier effect to rewards. The affiliate rewards are paid daily in USDT and are added directly to your DestinyX wallet.

For inquiries regarding our VIP affiliate program, which operates on the basis of volume and other relevant attributes, please feel free to contact support at to be put in touch with an affiliate manager. Learn more

Reward Structure

The commission rates are tiered as per the following structure:

And here are the multipliers for the DestinyX Ranks. Learn about ranks here.

Bonus Programs

1️⃣ Referral Program

Upon successful registration of your Invitees using your referral link, the Referral Mission Program comes into effect for the next seven days. If your Invitees wager at least $100 on more than two unique events within these seven days, both you and your Invitees are rewarded with an additional 5,000 $BXC. The referral reward is credited to your DestinyX account within three days after the events are settled.

2️⃣ Top Up Bonus Program

Our Top Up Bonus Program lasts for the next 180 days after your Invitees successfully register via your referral link. Should your Invitees top up their account with a minimum of $10 within this period, both parties will receive an extra bonus of 1,000 $BXC, which is credited immediately to your DestinyX account after the top-up transaction is completed.

At DestinyX, we believe in rewarding loyalty and fostering a sense of community. Therefore, we have designed these programs with our players in mind, providing them with an exciting opportunity to engage in the game while earning attractive rewards.

Join us today and start earning through the enhanced referral program. Enjoy your journey in the captivating world of DestinyX while inviting your friends to share in the excitement 🎉

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