"Learn & Earn" Event - Kyros Ventures x Destiny

To celebrate launching a new prediction market product - Destiny, Kyros, and Destiny project are hosting a learn-and-earn campaign with a total prize of up to $3,000 worth of FBS tokens for all qualified participants!

How to Get Started:

  • Reward pool: Up to $3,000 FBS token
  • Time: From 4rd January to 18th January

Reward structure:

  1. Reward pool

The dynamic reward pool will keep increasing with the increasing number of qualified participants and can go up to $3,000 worth of FBS tokens:

  • Number of qualified participants is from 1,000 to 2,000: Total reward will be $500 worth of FBS tokens
  • Number of qualified participants is from 2,001 to 4,000: Total reward will be $1,200 worth of FBS tokens
  • Number of qualified participants is over 4,001: Total reward will be $3,000 worth of FBS tokens

2. Reward Calculation

Reward for each qualified user = Dynamic Reward pool / Total number of qualified users.


  • We will distribute rewards through your email address which is registered an account at playdestiny.io
  • Rewards will be credited to all the eligible participants' accounts within 14 business days after the event ends

Event tasks

Link to participate: https://app.quest3.xyz/quest/723818570887471497

  • Follow Destiny on Twitter
  • Retweet campaign tweet
  • Create an account on Destiny to claim 100 FBS & share your email Id.
  • Answer questions about Destiny (3 questions)

   1. What is Destiny?

   2. What kind of currencies or tokens are allowed to buy the positions(trade) on Destiny?

   3. What is the minimum amount to predict an event on Destiny?

Terms and conditions

  • Event rewards will be distributed to users’ accounts on playdestiny.io.
  • Any changes in participation information after the event ends will not be accepted.
  • Kyros Ventures and Finblox reserve the right to modify the program rules or cancel the event at any time.

About Destiny

Destiny is a prediction markets platform where users can spend crypto to trade contracts on the outcome of future events. The platform features over 5+ categories to choose from, such as sports, crypto, politics, entertainment, and finance.

Learn more about Destiny: Website | Discord | Twitter

About Kyros Ventures

Kyros Ventures is the gateway to the entirety of the blockchain landscape in Vietnam, which sets its goal to educate the growing crypto population, and to help as much development in the Web3 sector as possible through incubation for startups in the space.

Learn more about Kyros Ventures:

Twitter | Website | Facebook | Youtube

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