Mancala Gaming Presents Exclusive Tournament "Mancalious" at DestinyX Casino

Are you ready for an exciting gaming experience with Mancala Gaming's exclusive tournament, "Mancalious," at DestinyX Casino? This event provides players with a chance to showcase their skills and compete for a share of the 1000 USDT prize pool. Let's dive into the details of this exciting competition.

Prize Pool: 1000 USDT

The prizes will be distributed among the participants based on the total number of points earned during the competition period.

How to Participate:

To join the competition, all you need to do is play selected games provided by Mancala Gaming in the Slots casino section of DestinyX. Your goal is to collect as many points as possible, and here's how the scoring mechanics work:

  • For every 1 EUR bet you place, you earn 100 points.
  • Any fractional part of the bet is discarded, and only the resulting integer value is credited to your account at the end of each round.

Participating Games:

  1. Bars and Bells
  2. 777 Vegas Showtime
  3. Astro Jewels
  4. Book of Wealth
  5. Book of Wealth II
  6. Bounty Chasers
  7. Braindead
  8. Buccaneer Royale
  9. Buffalo Goes Wild
  10. Caishen Gold: Dragon Awakes
  11. Candy Clash
  12. Cash Legion
  13. Cherry Bombs
  14. Coco Tiki
  15. Crystal Mine
  16. Fruit Collector
  17. Fruit Factory
  18. Fruityliner 100
  19. Fruityliner 40
  20. Fruityliner 5
  21. Hot Fruits on Fire
  22. Hot Fruits on Ice
  23. Lucky Foxglove
  24. Mahjong Gold 688
  25. Mancala Quest
  26. Mariachi Afortunado
  27. Mighty Egypt Riches
  28. Money Pipe
  29. Monkey King: Path of Treasure
  30. Monster Thieves
  31. Neon Light Fruits
  32. Portal Master
  33. Reel Reel Hot
  34. Seance: Mysterious Attic
  35. Seth vs. Horus
  36. Sharky Frenzy
  37. Spirit of the Lake
  38. Superb Cup
  39. The Twin Wins Mystery
  40. Wild Velvet
  41. Zero Day

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The prize fund for the Mancala Gaming tournament is 1000 USDT and will be distributed among the participants according to the points they gained.
  2. For conversion purposes, 1 EUR is equal to 1 USDT, 1 USDC, 2000 FBX, 2500 BXC, 1 DAI, or 7 RLB.
  3. Unlike some promotions, the prizes in this tournament do not require wagering. What you win is yours to keep.
  4. DestinyX casino reserves the right to view transaction records at any time and for any reason. If, during such a check, it is discovered that a player is applying strategies deemed malicious by DestinyX, DestinyX reserves the right to revoke that player's participation rights.
  5. DestinyX casino also reserves the right to change or cancel this offer at any time.
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